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hello again, it's 6:00 and it's a warm day's start for the first full day of fall. kind of a reversal order. and the overnight lightning and thunder did damage that will effect the commute. sharon will have more on that. good morning, don and everyone out there. >> where we didn't get the thunderstorms, we got nothing at all. it was hit or miss with this one. they're out of here and it's warm behind it. and it's 67 in baltimore and the dew points are up, making for a muggy start to the day and patchy fog. it's 65 in westminster and 68 in rock hall and as we head into the afternoon, we're going
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up to 89 degrees with partly cloudy skies. it's going to be a muggy one and it will carry over into tomorrow until we cooldown. thank you, where is the storm damage and the other problems. here's sharon with wjz-13. >> >> well, most of the storm damage is in northern baltimore county. first of all, we'll have debris on westbound ole york road and we have a downed tree off to a downed tree on wesley chapel road. and meantime f you're traveling on the beltway, there's a live look at the westside of the beltway at old fort road. the only accident is on 40 eastbound. that's blocking the right lane. and everything's looking good on 95 south of mountain road and there's 95 south of the beltway. and there's wjz mountain road. donning back to you.
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don, back to you. state regular laters are in fact -- regulators are investigating another hospital performing unnecessary procedures. >> reporter: there's a second unnamed hospital that's being investigated to determine if unnecessary procedures were performed on patients. >> we've asked the office to do a review of the utilization of another hospital. if i wanted to name the hospital, i would have named it in the report. at this pointing we're maintaining that confidentiality. >> reporter: st. joseph's came under review after 600 patients may have had unnecessary stints in their body. stints are small devices that open blocked arteries.
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this baltimore woman may have received unnecessary stints. >> i don't feel comfortable with two stints that shouldn't have been there. and this is my life. >> reporter: the current report doesn't identify the hospitals or the physicians or the procedures under review. it doesn't state how the hospital in question became under review. >> once the report is found, we'll make folks known about it. >> they're questioning to see if they're able to handle the questions like this. >> thank you, kai, wjz will bring you new information as soon as it's released. one of the six defendants charged in a murder for highier plot has pleaded guilty.
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[low audio] a maryland family has filed a ten million dollars lawsuit against school officials in hurt county. howardcounty. schooled a streeters failed to protect a 6th grader from being bullied by students in 2007. now, the student suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. >> >> an american sailor was killed in the helicopter crash. the 29-year-old was one of the nine military personnel who died in the crash tuesday. he was a former navy seal and lacrosse player. he goes by the nickname hitler and now, he is going to prison. >> he pleaded guilty to beating
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an elderly african american man while fishing. >> reporter: good morning, once again, don and everyone. lockner faced 19 charges, but he pled guilty to four of them and he faces 41 years behind bars. >> a man and his wife were fishing and they were asked if they had any cigarettes or water and the couple said no. >> reporter: they walked to their car and tried to leave and lockner attacked. the truck was packed up and the individuals attacked him and they punched him and kicked him and they beat him with a stick. >> reporter: he told the police this wouldn't have happened if the victim was a white man. >> he was crying and blood was
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everywhere and his eye was hanging out. he said that the boys came from behind and had a bat and kicked him and took his keys and sped off with his truck. he pleaded guilty to carjacking and first degree assaults and the assault of a correction's officer. >> it's safe to say, this is a plea agreement we feel good about because we're going to get this person off of the street for 31 years. now, monday, he and his family will give the victim impact statements to the judge who's going to accept the plea agreement and the sentence. thank you, and there are two other departments in the case. one is an adult and one is a juvenile. shoppers can expect to see
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increased security at the mountdomon mall. thieves got away with $100,000 worth of merchandise. they'll increase the number of security and police officers on patrol there. the police are calling him the preppy burglar. gigi barnett spoke with one man who caught the burglar on camera. >> reporter: several cameras surround this house. the homeowner bought the cameras because of a break in. last week, the cameras captured this man in a collared a shirt and seems like a normal visit, but he was there to steal. now, the detectives called him the preppy burglar. >> it's unusual to see him dressed in a shirt and tie and
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for us to have the video. >> reporter: this is what the homeowner saw, the preppy burglar at his door, ringing the bell, checking windows and knocking. when he was sure no one was home, that's when he walked around the back and knocked out a window. minutes later, he walks out of the front door several times, hauling electronics and other items. all the while peering over his shoulder making sure no one spots him. there >> you lose the sense that your home is your quiet, safe place. don't know what he planned to do. >> reporter: the detectives don't know why he was stressed so well. >> maybe he was dressed appropriately for the day and coming from somewhere and maybe a ruse to throw off the neighbors. >> reporter: and the police
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won't know until they find him. we want to make sure that the suspect doesn't strike again. >> reporter: the preppy burglar carries papers and a clip board. thank you, and the police are offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest. baltimore's roads are among the worst in the nation. it says that the city streets are the tenth worse in urban areas. that includes the cost of accelerated wear and tear of cars and increased gas consumption. bigger and bolder shows are heading to the hippodrome theater. "jersey boys" is one of the upcoming acts. and the first big show is in october.
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it's calla cirque du soleil show. and turning to sports. -- -- and you can watch the raven's home opener from wjz-13 as the browns are coming to town. you can watch the game sunday, 1:00 live here on wjz-13. >> a lot of excitement in the city for that. >> i was just reading that maryland's college football signed a series for texas. they're going to do the home opener at texas. how about that. now, we'll go to ron this
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morning. well, good morning. how are you guys doing? >> we're fine. we're talking food. >> we love that. >> we're getting hungry. and you'll get hungrier as we go on. tonight, dining out for life. if you don't have dinner plans, make a reservation and make a great meal and help others at the same time. we're live at clementine when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,, old gibbs canning company.
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,,,,,,,, today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs
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and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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well, we're up there to start out the day. the humidity levels are up there. we're starting at 67 and going
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to 89 degrees. here's the the storm system and here's the next one. and it's going to lose a lot of the moisture along the way. and tomorrow, and for today, just the heat, that's all we get and this comes our way saturday. it's going to knock down the heat. and just clouds coming through and the slightest chance for a shower. it will cool down into the weekend and next week. and out in the tropics, lisa's down to a tropical depression. it's meandering around out there and it will eventually move to the northwest and we're watching this area, it could be matthew. and now, as far as our waters go, quieter and winds out there and bay temperatures, 74 degrees. today, up to 89 for the high. it will be muggy and then, tonight, we'll drop into the 60s and tomorrow, up again to 92 degrees for the high and
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saturday, the front comes through and not much with it. we'll have clouds knocking us down and we'll have the chance for a shower and chance again monday and the best chance tuesday. >> will storm damage delay your drove? here's sharon gibala. well, good morning, everyone. we started out with a lot of storm damage. that's been cleared up and we have an accident working on 40 eastbound at patapsco river drive. as far as the storm damage that's left, we have two problems. those are blocking the lanes there. and you can take wilson instead. meantime, taking a live look outside, 83 and york road. no issues on the beltway at the eastside. or on 95 south of the beltway. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer.
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toyota, moving forward. there, back to you, don and bernadette. >> and the ronster at clementine. >> >> good morning, everyone. we're live at harford road. if you don't have dinner plans tonight, we have a suggestion, make a reservation. it's dining out for life. enjoy a great meal and at the same time, help others. >> it's another busy day and moveable feast in east baltimore. they're preparing 30,000 meals that are delivered each month. we deliver to those that are home bound, living with hiv and breast cancer and we deliver all around the area. >> reporter: the feast is tomorrow night. we have 50 restaurants participating and 20 for lunch
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and dinner and three for all three meals. >> reporter: she's a breast cancer surviver. >> it wasn't just the food she was bringing, it was the care and compassion and the hug and the laughter. >> 10,000 volunteers helped moveable feasts. >> it helps to have the people in the community. >> you'll feel good tomorrow. if you dine out for life. >> you have a great meal, a great glass of wine and you know that the money you oarages, the restaurants so generously donated to moveable feast. >> reporter: we're back live and i wanted to clarify, we did a story yesterday, it's tonight! the director is here with us. good morning. good morning, ron.
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we have 50 restaurants. 50 restaurants. 22 are participating for lunch. that's incredible. people have come to the table and the restaurants stepped up. they're going the extra mile to help us make a difference to the people we serve. people with chronic serious illness. >> and there's breakfast, too, this morning. >> village square and bonjour bakery are doing breakfast. >> if you're on your way to work, stop in and support a good cause as well. >> we wanted to mention clementine is donating 50% of their proceeds to moveable feast. they are. >> this year, we have wood bury kitchen, brewers art and clementine. they're doing 50% for us and iggy's is 33%.
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and gertrude's 50%. some are also doing lunch today. it's a great commitment. >> we have this morning, don and bern. this is a plate with cheese, chicken liver and bread and butter pickles and on this side -- >> that's the side i've eyeing. yeah, me, too. >> this is homemade. peanut butter chocolate cake and coconut cake. that's the break it's a side -- that's the breakfast side. >> that's the side we want. >> and also at our website, it lists all of the restaurants as well. >> thank you, it's good to see you. >> we thank the folks at clementine. er go to for war list
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of all of the restaurants and don't forget, we're a proud sponsor. >> as we should be. don and bern, back to you on tv hill. teasing us here. >> great program and a great idea. it's tonight, tonight, tonight. >> wow, 50%! that's incredible. >> check that out, everyone if you can. >> maybe we'll getbreak fast over this and help out. ,,,,,,
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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here's jessica kartalija at good morning, don and everyone. only three popes separate the top four after week two of the nfl season. look at who's still on top. er we're not sure how this is happening and mark viviano is in second place and fallowed by bernadette woods and then stan saunders, our local winner, kyle kilbourne. he came closest to the sunday night game score. he wins a best bye gift card. you can still sign up to play.
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you can click on banner at the top of the home page. don, back to you >> he got a lot of applause. >> the ohm opener is sunday. -- the home opener is sunday. facebook is making a big donation and who's receiving $100 million from the social americaing sigh -- social networking site. also a popular baby formula is recalled. and a beating at a popular park. i'm andrea fujii and that's just ahead. and still no delays on the roadways. we have a few problems you can run into on your way in. we'll have a report in a few. now, over to bernadette woods. i'm in for marty bass and it's a warm start to the day
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and it's getting hot this afternoon. and from twitter to the tube. cbs's new comedy airs tonight. and believe it or not, it was inspired by one man's tweets. that's coming up on coffee with. we're talking about what's ahead tonight. stay tuned, the eyewitness news morning edition continues in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can see, the sky's brightening and it's warmer out there than it's been all this week. and sharon has the effects of last night's thunderstorms on the drive and it's bernadette woods in for marty bass and the first warning weather center. good morning, that harbor cam catches beautiful shots. >> it's warm and when you walk out, be ready for that. we haven't dropped below that temperature. 65 in west minutesser, that's --
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westminster -- that's a cooler spot and the heat continues one more day and we'll have the weekend forecast coming up shortly. >> what's gone wrong on the way to work? well, there are a few issues out there. we've cleared up a lot of the ones we've cleared up the morning with. you're looking at a right lane closier there and also, debris in mum. ton -- mumpton and a downed tree. and all lanes blocked there and we'll take wilson instead. there's a look at the drivetimes and the speeds. starting to see delays there now. typical spot there and there's a live look at the delays at old fort road. not moving fast there and that's especially in the slow lanes. there's a live look at i-95 and another look at old court road.
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that's the biggest problem of the morning. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. and toyota, moving forward. at the top of the news this half hour. state regulators investigating another maryland hospital. the maryland department of health and mental hygiene is investigating a second unnamed hospital to determine if unniece procedures were performed on patients. we've asked them to do a review of another hospital. if i waned to name the hospital, i would have named it in the report, that's an on going investigation and at this point, we're maintaining the confident,ty. >> reporter: 600stints are
6:32 am
small devises that open blocked arteries. earlier, we spoke with a baltimore woman who may have received unnecessary stints. i don't feel comfortable with two stints in me that shouldn't have been there. this is my life. >> reporter: the current report doesn't identify the hospital or physicians and the report doesn't state how the hospital in question became the subject of a state review. >> once the report is done and their findings and that's publicking we'll make folks aware. >> they're seeing if they're equip to handle situations like this. thank you, kai. we'll bring you the information as soon as it's released. more allocations against a
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late term abortionist. the doctor began a procedure in new jersey on a woman and instructed her to drive herself to elkton where the fetus was then removed fetus had down syndrome and was otherwise viable. a white supremacist who calls himself hitly agreed to a decade's long prison term. he is accused of beating an elderly african american man. good morning, andrea fujii. >> reporter: he admitted to the police that the peating occurred because the fisherman was black. >> reporter: he and his wife were fish anything august 2009 at the park when prosecutors
6:34 am
say that lockner approached. he asked if they had cigarettes or water and they said no. >> reporter: they walked to their car and tried to leave and the prosecutors say he tried to attack. >> lockner said that this wouldn't have happened if the victim was a white man. >> he was crying and blood was everywhere and he said that the boys came from behind and the boys beat him and took his truck. >> reporter: lockner is a member of a white supremacist group. and he pleaded guilty.
6:35 am
>> it's safe to say, this is a plea agreement we feel good about. we'll get this person off of the streets for 31 years. >> >> reporter: on monday, he'll give victim impact statements to the judge. thank you, andrea. two other defendants are in the case. one is an adult and the other is a involve nile -- juvenile. fellow members of a jv football team carried joey d'entremont's casket to the funeral home. he died friday night as he crossed a busy street. >> now he's gone, we have to make up for that by doing what he always wanted, by everyone being together and helping each other out. this is a tough time for
6:36 am
everyone. everyone loved him. >> he was the captain of the jv defense. a popular baby formula is being recalled. similac may contain insect parts. this shall could cause digestive problems for problems. there's a website and a hot line set up. go to for a link. and we have breaking business new. blockbuster officially filed for bankruptcy protection. they've been losing money for years because of netflix. it will keep the remaining
6:37 am
stores and kiosks open. some new health care benefits will take effect this week. insurance plans can't set lifetime caps on costs and deny coverage to children with preexisting conditions. the downside, the insurance companies that start in january will have to wait until then. the president is going to address the national assembly. here's the report. >> reporter: president obama is going to remind the world and americans of how far his administration has come. in front of 200 global leaders, he'll highlight america's progress and promote the kick start to the economy. he'll jump start mideast peace
6:38 am
talks by saying, if an agreement isn't reached, palestinians won't know the pride and dignity that comes with their states and israelis won't know the security with sovereign neighbors. and also high on the agenda, slowing the spread of nuclear weapons. >> he's going to try to make sure that iran and north korea are shunned for their defiance for the nonproliferation treaty. >> and the president won't just talk about the achievement, he'll span on the wider goals. the united states is changing the ways we do business. >> wednesday, the president unveiled new rules for foreign aid. he vowed to help power nations helping themselves. >> now, let me be clear, the united states of america has been and will remain the global
6:39 am
leader in providing assistance. we'll not abandon those who depend on us. >> reporter: and with america's poverty rate high, he's under pressure to keep the united states poverty a high priority. the founder of facebook will make a sizable donation to new jersey's newark public school system. he's expected to announce the $100 million donation on oprah tomorrow. 's no known connection between the two, he just met with the newark mayor and they talked about the school system. the orioles are pushing for a three game sweep against boston. and at the 4th inning, wiggington hit a double and
6:40 am
leaving the birds a lead at that point. but, it wouldn't be long before the red sox took over with a three run homer and boston won it. and they avoided the sweep. we took two of three up there and the orioles get a travel day to toronto today. >> and friday night and then, they'll continue the road for two more series and then they're home for the last one? >> yeah, i think so. >> one more chance to see the guys. they're really fighting out there. giving us excitement for next year. you're not alone in that. >> other than that, we'll have sunday to look forward to. >> we're getting up to 89 degrees and it will be hot and muggy and it's going to feel like summer for the first full day of fall. >> coming up on coffee with, nicole sullivan is joining us.
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what she says makes her show different than any other family comedy, it's not just bill. >> and coming up, we'll have the traffic and weather. ,,,,,,,
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we have patchy clouds outside this morning. the winds are light and as we head into the afternoon, sunshine will return and we're going up. 67 to start the day in baltimore and 70s address south and the dew points are high. that's going to continue. we'll get rid of one storm. and it's not going to come our way until saturday. and what we'll experience is really just the heat. then, the cold front comes through saturday. look at how it is fizzling out. there's no green and that indicates the showers. it's losing the moisture into the area. we'll see some clouds from it and we'll have a chance of a shower. er and we'll notice that the winds come from the nor and the temperatures back down. >> and we'll have a tropical depression out there and that's meandering down.
6:45 am
and we'll have a tropical depression again. and this area in the southern part of the caribbean, it's moving to the west. this could be matthew. >> our waters are lighter and the bay temperatures, 74- degree. it will be a hot one today. going up to 89 degrees. and muggy tonight and tonight, 66 degrees for the low and by tomorrow, we're up to 92 degrees. there and as we head into the weekend, here's the cold front, it knocks us back down. 80s saturday and 70s on sunday and a chance of a shower and a better chance tuesday. >> thank you, and the rush right now from sharon gibala at traffic control. >> we have two new problems to report. one on 95 in the northbound lanes. we have an accident in the left
6:46 am
shoulder. one southbound lane is blocked and a second accident and we have the wreck on 40 eastbound. that's blocking the right lane and debris is an issue at troy road and a second downed tree at blew mount road and that's blocking all lanes there. and take wilson road instead. there's the drive times and the speeds and seeing delays on the westside outer lupe and the slowest side is the westside and there's a live look at that. lots of brake lights there. 95 and mountain road heavy. we have a northbound accident with a southbound lane blocked because of it. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time, toyota, moving forward. >> get ready to be reminded of what we're wearing yesterday. this is premiere week on cbs and the most talked about
6:47 am
comedy begins this evening. >> please welcome nicole sullivan to the eyewitness news morning edition. being doings tonight. >> i love applause. >> i, guys. >> we all love it. you have a big show. everyone's talking about the title "bleep my dad says." >> is that the proper title? will be >> yes, unless you're hanging out with the boys. well, this is how we say it and we promise people, the title, it has something going on and the rest of the show, it's good from here on out. >> and this is based on, if i read correctly, a twitter feed that was popular and to the point that it's now a tv show. >> yes, this kid moved back in with his dad as a lot of people are doing and this dad is an
6:48 am
old retired army surgeon and says it likes the and says things one shouldn't say to his son and then, he tweeted it and hundreds of thousands of followers and then a book deal and a network show and william shatner and here we are. >> you said there are no bleeps on the show? shatner won't mouth words we shouldn't cover up? >> no, just for the title only. and now, from the twitter feed and in this show, you're the daughter-in-law of william shatner's character? >> sure, he's got the one son that moves back in and he has another son who i'm married to and we live near him and we're real estate condo people and we're there to help out the dad and get him his groceries and we try to help and we make
6:49 am
things worse a lot of time and bonny is hard nosed as well and she and ed go toe to toe and they circle each other and they actually care about each other. it's kind of great. >> how do you see this show differing? >> well, this is a unique family, it's a father/son dynamic that exists and i haven't seen it in this way. a kid coming home going, dad, you never treated me right and i'm a grown up. i want a relationship with you and you have to learn to talk to me better and of course, the father's like, that's how i am. it's real and it's funny. and there are amazing jokes. i've done a lot of audience shows before and i've never seen an audience re5:00 like
6:50 am
they do to bill shatner, yeah, i called him bill. i can't wait for america to react. i could imagine it's a fun set. well, it's great. >> bill's, well, he's obviously, he's the guy and he hugs people and says thank you and he's gracious and lovely to everyone and it's a treat and that niceness trickles down. well, that sound like fun, obviously. and will plays my husband, he's my "mad tv" alum. >> any trepidation to be teamed up with bill? there >> well, no, and if i had any, my husband would kill me. my husband followed the twitter things and his brain almost explode and he was so excited. >> and justin, is he still
6:51 am
doing the twitter feed? >> yes, and he's co-executive producer of the show. he he's writing the show. his whole life is different. a lot of people could find relationship here and i know my dad has said some things, too much >> that could draw people in. good luck. oh, it's going to be great. >> thank you. for talking to us. >> bye. >> i have to admit, i thought it would be a lip reader's delight. >> that's how they draw you in. >> great idea. there bush and -- and the fact it started with a twitter page. that's great. >> and probably a big chunk of change, too. we'll check out the way to work and the weather in a moment as the eye you morning edition continues in a moment. ,,,,,,,,, [ ehrlich ] annapolis --
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if they have their way, we're facing a mountain of debt and a massive tax increase. employers will continue to leave our state, taking their jobs with them. the next four years will impact the next decade, so we've put together a road map to 2020. a plan that brings jobs back to maryland by reducing spending and lowering taxes. let's make the maryland we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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good morning, we had a warm start to the day. the thunderstorms that moved through didn't effect everyone. as far as the forecast today, we're starting out in the upper 60s and closer to 90 degrees. it will be hot and muggy. into the weekend, the cold front comes through saturday and knocks us back down with the front. there's not much too it. 73 for the high, by monday, you have that chance and we're getting a check of the roads
6:55 am
with sharon gibala. well, hi, there, good morning. still following an accident on 95. it's approaching mountain road and left lane closier because of the accident and emergency assistance there and a wreck at honey go boulevard. and that's still blocking the right lane and watch for debris on troyier and that's blocking the lane between wesley chapel. there's a look at the speeds on the beltway. and also, 38 miles per hour is the average and there's a look at 95. this is brought to you by the national aquarium. there and kids and parents make a patch on wednesday. music and story time at 10:00 a.m.. and thank you, and a self- proclaimed white supremacist
6:56 am
agrow -- agreed to a long sentence. it happened a year ago when a man was fishing. lockner told the police this wouldn't have happened if the victim wasn't an african american an american sailor was killed in a helicopter crash. the 29-year-old of owings was one of nine that died in the crash tuesday. he was a former navy lacrosse player. joe biden will be in maryland this morning. he'll be in chevy chase campaigning to raise money for barbara mikulski. he's been campaigning and fund raising for various candidates. stay with wjz-13, complete news, weather and traffic still ahead for you. >> and 5 million cans of baby formula are being recalled and six weeks before the midterm
6:57 am
elections, a look at the republican's new agenda. republican's new agenda. it's thursday morning ,,,,,,,,,,
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